Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stop and Stare.

"Omg, your eyes!"
Today's prompt reminded me of a recent message I received from a stranger. No introduction, no hello, just a very honest and blunt stop and stare moment. 

These bright, inviting eyes draw perfect strangers in to seek me out and ask for directions/advice. How could I not love them?!

To be perfectly honest, I used to really dislike my eyes. School-age children can be so cruel and oddly descriptive when it came to anomalies amongst their peers. 

My mom would always say they are just jealous and now in my wiser years, I'm pretty sure she's right! 

What's your stop and stare moment?! Share below or stop by and tell me in one of my social channels listed above. 

This post is inspired by the One Minute Writer prompt. Thanks for the inspiration!

Unitl next time, 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What's your story?

Serial. You hear the score and you know another piece of this emotional story is about to begin. 
The world became immersed in Sarah's investigative journalism into what key players remember from the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee and the consequent arrest and conviction of her former boyfriend, Adnan Syed. 

Serial intrigued me. 
This investigation was not fiction, the details of the case effected (and continued to effect) a group of lives which were changed drastically in 1999 and were urged to ask and recall difficult recounts from 15 years ago. 

Prior to Serial, there was NPR's StoryCorps, TED talks and This American Life. All of these had one thing in common: the people and their stories. 
The stories are full of emotion: happiness, sadness, confusion, excitement! I mean, ALL of the FEELS!

I've heard stories of forgiveness, confrontation and love. All of these stories made me want to grab a microphone and stand down on Lincoln Road and just hear stories. Stories of hope, fear, triumph and just LIFE in general!!

Except for that One Thing!
As I was listening to 518: Except for That One Thing today I started thinking about my stories and how I can share them with you guys. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to share a story and how perfect it was ...except for that one thing! 

It'll be fun, I promise!! 

I'm excited and have at least three stories already going in my head!! 

Please feel free to share your stories in the comments below. I'm looking forward to sharing a little more and getting a chance to get to know you guys as well :)

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Happy New Year!!!! 2015 is upon us!

 So thankful for all of the lessons and memories that 2014 brought. 

On December 23rd as I got ready to drive to my last official workday, I could not help but thank God for being Jehovah Jireh--The Lord Who Provides!! 
Sometimes you need to stop and just take a moment to reflect on where you were and where God brought you to. 

In March of 2014--after many prayers, supplications and even tears, God made a way and brought me into an organization that I've grown to love and a group of ambitious, passionate people that I have grown to admire!! 

Our agency was kind enough to allow us the opportunity to work remotely from Christmas Eve until January 5th. I took this opportunity to have a mini vacay to my parents' house with Miss Lulu in tow. 

On Christmas Day and everyday we are forever grateful for the King who came to Earth as a baby and brought Hope and Salvation a world who so desperately needed it. We continued with my family's tradition of attending Christmas Eve church service and open gifts on Christmas. 

In addition to the distribution of gifts we sat down to a delicious Pioneer Woman inspired Sunday Frittata customized with the veggies and deliciousness that I had on hand: asparagus, peppers, onions and chicken sausage filled with spinach and cheese. 

In the midst of the excitement, laughter and joy-- my picture taking was minimal to say the least. I managed to capture just a few photos from a quick photo shoot with Lulu and I before the day ended. 

I'm not too sure how amused Lulu was by all of the photos but I loved them!! My entire family loves Lulu and she is just eating up all of the attention and petting she is receiving all day, everyday!

The days between Christmas and New Years Day consisted of catching up on TV (I have no cable sooooo.....yeah, soaking up all my faves while I'm "home") and an occasional venturing out to area stores and spending time with my beautiful sister. 

New Years Eve
Another family tradition that I love is ringing in the new year in prayer. God does so much for us and I really enjoy hearing the testimonies of how great He has been during the course of the year. The testimonies are encouraging and remind me that God is definitely active in the smallest of details in our lives.

Isn't that delightful and reassuring? He is present and active!

I know many people say that they don't make resolutions and they 'hate' the "new year, new me" posts but honestly I enjoy them. While I think that you shouldn't wait until the new year to make changes in your life, I'm happy to hear the plans that my friends and family have laid out for themselves. 

A couple of nights before NYE I jotted down a few things that I really wanted to focus on during 2015. Things that will benefit me spiritually, professionally, financially and emotionally. While I'm not ready to share the details of the list, I can assure you that I've begun the research into some of these things and feeling pretty excited!

On January 2nd my sister, cousins and I ventured up to the Amway Center in Orlando, FL to cheer on the Brooklyn Nets to victory against the Orlando Magic. Brooklyn is our birthplace and it was fun to cheer and share this moment with my family! We had a blast!!

* The Brooklyn Nets won at the last 2 seconds of the game with a score of 100-98. Soooo close! I lost my voice but was really happy we left with the W. 
* I tweeted the Brooklyn Nets during the game and our post/picture got retweeted. Corny but we loved it. 
* The Orlando Magic Drumline are great performers. They performed during halftime and then again post-game right outside the arena. Energetic and talented. 
*Nick Anderson. We got a chance to watch the live reporting by Fox Sports commentator Nick Anderson. We chatted with him for a while and got some great advice/wisdom from him. 

As you can see from our smiling faces above we had a blast! I'm off to bed so that I can be ready for the first Sunday of the new year. I'm still up with my family and looking forward to treasuring the Sunday morning before heading back down to South Florida. 

How was your holiday season? Did you have a good time? Any family traditions you'd like to share??

Leave your comments and answers below :) 

Until next time,