Tuesday, July 29, 2014

10 hours

Hello friends!!

Such a long, overdue hello. 

Much has happened. I've promised to blog more and yet.... sigh. 

(Moving forward)

My job. I like my new job. 

{Well, within the past four months new}

I like the new people I've met. They are fun, funny and full of life... Definitely helps make the 40 hr week more enjoyable!

After a satisfactory 90 day evaluation, I was offered the opportunity to work a 8/80 schedule. 10 hour days in exchange for a day off--and not just any day: MONDAYS!

{Absolutely happening}

Yesterday was my first Monday "off" and I can definitely get used to Mondays off! 

But today... Today was long. 

6:30 am-- 

Lulu wakes up and I begin the ritual morning feeding... normally this takes place with a half asleep Rachel carefully avoiding any unnecessary light so that I can enjoy another hour of slumber... not today. 

7:30 am-- 

Walked into work and got settled in. I must admit the one hour before the rest of my colleagues come in is pretty awesome. I was able to knock out a narrative that I've been working on for the past couple of work days!

{crosses off item 1 on To-Do list}

8:30 am--

Delayed birthday shout-out to my awesome boss who celebrated her birthday yesterday! Her birthday and she shares her candy bowl with me :) 

9:30 am--

Catching up on missed emails and meeting prep for the rest of the day. Walked away from computer and it went into sleep mode... locked myself out of my computer...3 times! Can I just say that I'm pretty sure the IT guy wants to shut down my access indefinitely. Am I the only this happens to... idk where my mind went. 

{insert cup of coffee}

10:30 am-- 

Contract meeting. Matrices, Deliverables, Analysis Reports! The fun stuff :)

11:30 am--

What's for lunch?! Our office is definitely food centered! We use food in all of our meetings, in all of our celebrations and our catching up! Yeah, it's that serious!

12:30 pm-- 

My colleagues have taken an interest in my Yelp dealings so it was cool to share pics and stories of last weekend's Yelpies at the Coral Gables Museum! Deets later, my friends!!

1:30 pm--

Prepping for meeting #2 of the day. Pretty sure the copier knows when I'm in a hurry and takes forever to print, its all good though. 

2:30 pm--

Team meeting. Updates. Goals and Regrouping. 

3:30 pm-- 

{insert cup of coffee #2}

4:30 pm-- 

Sigh. Is everyone really packing up.... Sure feels like it. 

5:30 pm-- 

3 emails, 4 phone calls, more checks off the To-Do list. Quietest yet most productive hour. 

6:00 pm-- 

Finally done. Rushing home to take this sassy gal for a walk before the rain comes down. 

I'm currently winding down with some King of Queens before retiring for the night. Hope your Tuesdays went well!

Until next time, 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Life Updates!


Happy Friday!!

I can't begin to explain my absence from this little space on the Internet. I miss blogging, I miss the interaction, I miss you all. I've been trying to get into the groove of the new position (which I'm still loving) and balance some new commitments, responsibilities and exciting endeavors. 

As my re-entry post into the world of blogging, I think an update is due. 

Last we spoke, I shared photos of my first Miami Heat game, my sassy but sweet Manchester Terrier Mix, Lulu and a brief introduction of my new job.

The highlights of April has got to be the epic BFF vacation trip that I took with my girls and my appointment to my city's Art Commission board! 

San Juan, Puerto Rico was the perfect mix of adventure, relaxation and awesomeness! It was my first visit but certainly not my last! The entire experience was awesome and deserving of a post of its on so look out for that :)

The Arts Commission Board has been an awesome experience thus far! We are planning the 2nd International Kinetic Art Symposium and everything is coming together nicely!

The top three highlights of May was the celebration of four years with my boyfriend. We kept our celebration simple with a staycation of Miami Beach. Far enough to feel like an away trip but close enough to be a quick getaway! 

The other highlight, was an opportunity to speak to one of my former professor's classes. I accepted an invitation to speak to the Administrative Law class about regulation, the administrative process and public administration overall. I loved it!! I feel so alive when I'm standing in front of a room talking about a topic I'm passionate about: public administration!

The last and quite possibly most amazing highlight was my best friend graduating from medical school! After 17 years of friendship, I couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments, her determination and her bright future. She is going to make an amazing doctor and I can't wait to see what God does for her!

Highlight: Fellowship! 

Just a few months ago, I joined a wonderful church family and have enjoyed the fellowship. Being a Christian is above all about relationship. Relationship with Christ, encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ and sharing the Good News of Salvation and Hope for a hurting and lost world. 

From pre- and post- church gatherings, pool parties, beach-side brunches and most importantly sharing encouragement and accountability. 

For the past six months, the ladies of the church have been participating in a Secret Sister pen pal/gifting correspondence that I've been loving!!

Over the next couple of days, I'll expand on all of these highlights filled with photos, details and other fun facts! 

Until next time

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Celebration Continues!!

Hi friends!!

I hope that everyone is doing well! The past couple weeks have certainly been a period of adjustment and new beginnings! 

While I can't go into crazy detail about my new position, I can definitely share with you that I am loving it so far! 

One of my favorite classes during my Masters in Public Administration program was Administrative Law. Administrative Law is less about what is " Is the policy right?" but more of "Was the policy executed properly?" What I love about government is the increased interest in transparency and cultivating a culture of integrity in public service. 

Compliance is sometimes a challenging and frustrating aspect of accountability but happy to promote integrity in government :)

In other news, I've had an exciting and enjoyable past couple of weeks celebrating with some of my best friends. 

My bff who I blogged about here completed her fourth year of medical school! Woohooo!!! So very proud of her and so happy to have been a part of that moment!!

My awesome boyfriend celebrated his birthday last weekend and we had such a fun-filled weekend! In addition to trying out a new restaurant, we partied hard and watched the Miami Heat take down the New York Knicks and secure a place in the playoffs!!! 

The Miami Heat are definitely White Hot!! 

Could you believe it was my FIRST game?!? Sooo much fun!!! Dos Minutos!!!!!!!

The cutest thing ever!!! Top Right photo is off Miss Lulu and her posse :)

Before I go, I just discovered this adorable video for Nabi and it has the cutest commercial ever!!

Boostin' My Style?! How adorable is this?

Well, that's all I have to share today! We'll definitely catch up some more soon!!!