Sunday, January 4, 2015


Happy New Year!!!! 2015 is upon us!

 So thankful for all of the lessons and memories that 2014 brought. 

On December 23rd as I got ready to drive to my last official workday, I could not help but thank God for being Jehovah Jireh--The Lord Who Provides!! 
Sometimes you need to stop and just take a moment to reflect on where you were and where God brought you to. 

In March of 2014--after many prayers, supplications and even tears, God made a way and brought me into an organization that I've grown to love and a group of ambitious, passionate people that I have grown to admire!! 

Our agency was kind enough to allow us the opportunity to work remotely from Christmas Eve until January 5th. I took this opportunity to have a mini vacay to my parents' house with Miss Lulu in tow. 

On Christmas Day and everyday we are forever grateful for the King who came to Earth as a baby and brought Hope and Salvation a world who so desperately needed it. We continued with my family's tradition of attending Christmas Eve church service and open gifts on Christmas. 

In addition to the distribution of gifts we sat down to a delicious Pioneer Woman inspired Sunday Frittata customized with the veggies and deliciousness that I had on hand: asparagus, peppers, onions and chicken sausage filled with spinach and cheese. 

In the midst of the excitement, laughter and joy-- my picture taking was minimal to say the least. I managed to capture just a few photos from a quick photo shoot with Lulu and I before the day ended. 

I'm not too sure how amused Lulu was by all of the photos but I loved them!! My entire family loves Lulu and she is just eating up all of the attention and petting she is receiving all day, everyday!

The days between Christmas and New Years Day consisted of catching up on TV (I have no cable sooooo.....yeah, soaking up all my faves while I'm "home") and an occasional venturing out to area stores and spending time with my beautiful sister. 

New Years Eve
Another family tradition that I love is ringing in the new year in prayer. God does so much for us and I really enjoy hearing the testimonies of how great He has been during the course of the year. The testimonies are encouraging and remind me that God is definitely active in the smallest of details in our lives.

Isn't that delightful and reassuring? He is present and active!

I know many people say that they don't make resolutions and they 'hate' the "new year, new me" posts but honestly I enjoy them. While I think that you shouldn't wait until the new year to make changes in your life, I'm happy to hear the plans that my friends and family have laid out for themselves. 

A couple of nights before NYE I jotted down a few things that I really wanted to focus on during 2015. Things that will benefit me spiritually, professionally, financially and emotionally. While I'm not ready to share the details of the list, I can assure you that I've begun the research into some of these things and feeling pretty excited!

On January 2nd my sister, cousins and I ventured up to the Amway Center in Orlando, FL to cheer on the Brooklyn Nets to victory against the Orlando Magic. Brooklyn is our birthplace and it was fun to cheer and share this moment with my family! We had a blast!!

* The Brooklyn Nets won at the last 2 seconds of the game with a score of 100-98. Soooo close! I lost my voice but was really happy we left with the W. 
* I tweeted the Brooklyn Nets during the game and our post/picture got retweeted. Corny but we loved it. 
* The Orlando Magic Drumline are great performers. They performed during halftime and then again post-game right outside the arena. Energetic and talented. 
*Nick Anderson. We got a chance to watch the live reporting by Fox Sports commentator Nick Anderson. We chatted with him for a while and got some great advice/wisdom from him. 

As you can see from our smiling faces above we had a blast! I'm off to bed so that I can be ready for the first Sunday of the new year. I'm still up with my family and looking forward to treasuring the Sunday morning before heading back down to South Florida. 

How was your holiday season? Did you have a good time? Any family traditions you'd like to share??

Leave your comments and answers below :) 

Until next time, 

Thursday, October 16, 2014



Have you ever stepped back and looked at a certain situation or day in your life and think you should be the lead actor/actress in the newest sitcom?! No?? Just me? That's alright--cause that's exactly what I'm going to do. 

My life is hilarious. Blessed beyond measure but hilarious. Sometimes I stop and have a good laugh at my quirkiness, my randomness and the cast of characters I meet on the daily. 

I'm an Elite Yelper, I'm sure you've heard me make mention of it... here, here and oh yeah, here! 

I apparently blurt out this fact when I'm totally at a loss for words. That and my views on counties I've never resided in. 

Yelp is kind of my thing lately--for the past three years actually--and its given me the opportunity to meet some really fascinating people and to step a bit out of my comfort zone with cuisines and experiences that I'd otherwise pass on. 

As they did last year, my Yelp Community has put together a challenge of Firsts. From now until the end of the year, think of ten things you would really like to experience, learn or discover that you have not yet had a chance to. 

Rachel M's 2014 Yelp First 
1. Paddleboarding-- I live in SoFla and have seen and admired (from afar) all the novice paddleboarders and have toyed with the idea of a Groupon and the open waters. As it is I have balance issues on land so this will definitely be interesting. ::zips up life jacket::
2. Dine at an Ethiopian restaurant-- This year I've tried Vietnamese food for the first time and loved it. Thanks to Yelp my palate has expanded beyond rice and beans and I'm psyched to try a new cuisine. 
3. Reach Intermediate Level of Conversational French. Sigh. My dad has been trying for decades now to really get my French proficiency up and I'm happy to say I'm committing to it! "Fier de moi, papa?"
4. Take a dance class. Bachata. Kompa. Salsa. Would love to brush up on my dance skills!
5. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and the Literacy Coalition. 
6. Ride a bike! No comments. 
7. Successfully grow a patio garden. Started earlier this year and it bombed. 
8. Evangelize with my church's outreach group.
9. Read the entire book of Psalms.
10. Take a historical tour of Broward/Palm Beach. 

I'll keep you all posted on the success of this endeavor! 

Are there anythings you'd like to try/accomplish before 2014 comes to an end??

 Until next time loves!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Vitality Vox Box: The Essentials!!

Hello friends!!

First things first-- yours truly celebrated a birthday 6 days ago!! While I didn't have a huge spectacular celebration, I had a wonderful time ushering in a new year and thanking God for another year and amazing family and friends! 

Secondly, I could not let the Vitality Vox Box campaign end without sharing my thoughts on the contents from this last campaign! 

A quick overview with photos to share with you all my thoughts and recommendations: 

First Degree Advanced Burn Cream
I literally laughed out loud when I opened up my Vitality Vox Box and discovered this gem. I visited First Degree's website and discovered their stat indicating that 70% of families experience minor burns---this could not be more true for my household! 

Just several months ago I burned my right hand and really wished I had this on hand. To be honest, I haven't used it yet cause-- knock on wood... no burns recently. However, I do like that it works well with all minor burns--grilling, cooking or burns from a curling iron--you know you've been there ;) I intend on using it to help heal scars quicker--still working on the one from my last burn. 

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance
Playtex<sup>®</sup> Sport<sup>®</sup> Fresh Balance™ Regular Absorbency

Tampons are one of the essentials that all women eventually need but we don't always discuss... I'm more inclined to say--"what shade of lipstick are you wearing" versus "what are you using for your normal flow days".  

I'm normally inclined to purchase the Tampax brand and this is one of the items that I'm brand loyal to but was pleasantly surprised by SPORT Fresh Balance. I don't run marathons but I'm pretty sure I could without feeling uncomfortable. 

Love the idea of an odor shield and all around protection. Essentials, I tell ya! 

Pure Leaf Iced Tea

Pure Leaf is not new to me. I've been enjoying this refreshing drink for some time and can't rave about it enough!! I love that its found at several stores and more importantly at a great price! 

Pure Leaf Lemon is perfect served cold and fresh from the bottle. It's not too sweet but the right amount of tea to not feel guilty and to have over and over again. The Lemon flavor is my favorite, although the Honey Green Tea is a clooose second. 


Softlips Cube

This was my first experience with Softlips and I am a FAN!! Love the compact size and the cube container makes it easy to hold and apply. The Vanilla Bean flavor is not overpowering and glides on smoothly. Some lip balms leave a weird, filmy feeling but no such complaints with Softlips! 

I definitely plan on purchasing the Fresh Mint flavor, I have high expectations that it will be just as satisfying. 

As with the other campaigns, I received this complimentary box full of the fun products above to sample and share my thoughts on. All of the feedback and reviews are my own!

Try these items out and let me know what you think!! Would love to hear what your thoughts are!

Until next time,