Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Just breathe.

I remember the first time I made a huge mistake on a professional level. I was devastated. How could I make such a huge error? What would my boss think of me? What would my colleagues think of me? What would come of this error…how far was its reach?

This week I made another professional error. New organization, new people, same fear. As I went to the restroom to bawl my already enlarged eyes out, my first professional mistake popped in my head. 
I had survived that. Didn’t lose my job, didn’t lose my boss’ respect, learned my lesson and have yet to repeat it again.

So, I washed my face. Applied some makeup and my favorite pink lippy and walked back into the office.

Things happen. Sometimes things we can control and sometimes things beyond our scope. With the things we can control, we take note, move it to the front burner and keep a watchful eye.

You don’t have to be perfect. You can make mistakes. You can fumble—you just have to get back up again and put your best foot forward.

I put away the fear, said my apologies and dove right into correcting the error. No more hiding, no more crying. No more pity.

As we extend grace to those who have made errors that affect us, let’s be sure to also extend a little grace to ourselves.

Just a reminder to self:


Everything is working out

One of my favorite bloggers and best friend in my head shared this beautiful wallpaper back in May and its currently serving as my mood booster: 

Stop by and pay her a visit. http://www.inspiredbybeatriceclay.com/2015/05/

Until next time,

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stop and Stare.

"Omg, your eyes!"
Today's prompt reminded me of a recent message I received from a stranger. No introduction, no hello, just a very honest and blunt stop and stare moment. 

These bright, inviting eyes draw perfect strangers in to seek me out and ask for directions/advice. How could I not love them?!

To be perfectly honest, I used to really dislike my eyes. School-age children can be so cruel and oddly descriptive when it came to anomalies amongst their peers. 

My mom would always say they are just jealous and now in my wiser years, I'm pretty sure she's right! 

What's your stop and stare moment?! Share below or stop by and tell me in one of my social channels listed above. 

This post is inspired by the One Minute Writer prompt. Thanks for the inspiration!

Unitl next time, 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What's your story?

Serial. You hear the score and you know another piece of this emotional story is about to begin. 
The world became immersed in Sarah's investigative journalism into what key players remember from the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee and the consequent arrest and conviction of her former boyfriend, Adnan Syed. 

Serial intrigued me. 
This investigation was not fiction, the details of the case effected (and continued to effect) a group of lives which were changed drastically in 1999 and were urged to ask and recall difficult recounts from 15 years ago. 

Prior to Serial, there was NPR's StoryCorps, TED talks and This American Life. All of these had one thing in common: the people and their stories. 
The stories are full of emotion: happiness, sadness, confusion, excitement! I mean, ALL of the FEELS!

I've heard stories of forgiveness, confrontation and love. All of these stories made me want to grab a microphone and stand down on Lincoln Road and just hear stories. Stories of hope, fear, triumph and just LIFE in general!!

Except for that One Thing!
As I was listening to 518: Except for That One Thing today I started thinking about my stories and how I can share them with you guys. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to share a story and how perfect it was ...except for that one thing! 

It'll be fun, I promise!! 

I'm excited and have at least three stories already going in my head!! 

Please feel free to share your stories in the comments below. I'm looking forward to sharing a little more and getting a chance to get to know you guys as well :)